We offer tailored investor risk profiling solutions based on cutting edge research, intelligence and insights from The University of Oxford

Oxford Risk is a spin-out company of the University of Oxford. Oxford Risk offers unrivalled solutions for investor risk profiling for the financial markets. The company was founded in 2002 by three prominent academics: Professor Lord Krebs Kt FRS, Professor Alex Kacelnik FRS,  and Dr. Ed Mitchell. Between them, they have published hundreds of scientific research papers in behavioural ecology, behavioural economics, risk psychology and decision-making. Oxford Risk strives to help clients improve results by enabling them to make better informed decisions. We do this by providing innovative solutions to difficult problems in risk to increase our client’s confidence, credibility, and compliance.

Our focus is on innovative thinking and practical solutions. And our extensive contacts with Oxford University and other elite universities worldwide mean that, whether our work is addressing the financial sector or other sectors in which we work, it’s always backed up by the latest academic insights and intelligence.

The term ‘risk’ means different things to different people. As acknowledged experts, this is how we define and manage risk:

‘Whilst some actions have only one possible consequence, others may have a range of consequences with different likelihoods. In these cases, the correct judgment requires the evaluation of the entire range of possible consequences, and not simply the average or most likely ones. In making a choice between alternative courses of action, one must weigh the possible consequences to the individual alongside the probabilities of each ensuing outcome.’

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The University of Oxford

Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world with nine centuries of continuous existence and is an internationally renowned centre for teaching and research. Oxford attracts students and scholars from across the globe. Over a third of the 20,000 students are from overseas with more than 130 nationalities represented.

Oxford is a collegiate university with 44 self-governing colleges and halls. Of these, 36 admit students for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Seven colleges are for graduates only; one has Fellows only, and one specialises in part-time and continuing education.

Oxford’s current academic community includes over 70 Fellows of the Royal Society and about 90 Fellows of the British Academy. Oxford has more world-leading academics (rated 4* in the 2008 national Research Assessment Exercise) than any other UK university. In 2007-2008 Oxford secured more research grants from the UK’s Research Councils than any other institution. In 2016, Oxford was ranked the best University in the world by the Times Higher Education rankings.

Oxford actively encourages researchers to innovate and exploit their creativity for the benefit of the University, researchers and society in general. It founded Oxford University Innovation as a wholly owned company to facilitate this technology transfer. Oxford University Innovation has created more than 60 companies since it was established in 1988, and files, on average, one patent application each week. The combined value of Oxford’s spin-out companies has reached £2 billion, using quoted market capitalisations and investor valuations for unquoted companies.


For more information visit www.ox.ac.uk.


Oxford University Innovation

Oxford University Innovation is the Technology Transfer Company of Oxford University.

The Lambert Review said that Oxford University Innovation is “widely regarded as one of the best technology transfer offices in the UK”.

Since 1997, Oxford University Innovation has been responsible for creating spin-out companies based on academic research generated within and owned by the University of Oxford, and has created a new company every two months on average. By 2006, the combined value of Oxford’s companies had reached £2 billion, using quoted market capitalisations and investor valuations for unquoted companies. These spin-out companies have created many new jobs in the region.

For more information, visit innovation.ox.ac.uk


Oxford Risk is at the forefront of an important development in human understanding and committed to bridging the gap between academia and commerce by creating and delivering products based on world-class research.

We are inquisitive, energetic, confident and enthusiastic. Oxford Risk people have a strong desire to create value and make their mark; and they seek a bright future and great opportunity.

At Oxford Risk we are constantly learning and evolving, pushing back the barriers of applied knowledge in risk. We aspire to be at the cutting edge of this emerging discipline.


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