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About us

Experts in behavioural finance

Founded in 2002 and relaunched in 2017, Oxford Risk is the leading behavioural finance fintech serving wealth managers, robo-advisers, banks and pension providers.

We have a vision for financial wellbeing, and we know that informed, long-term decision-making is at its heart. ​

We are experts in behavioural finance.​​ We are for the future, for progression, for life.


Dr. Marcus Quierin

Chairman & Founder

Prof. Lord John Krebs


Kevin LeCocq

Head of Behavioural Finance

Dr. Greg Davies

Quant Specialist

William Morris

Data Scientist

Argyro Angeli

Associate Research Fellow

Dr. Casey Chen

Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Zeo Theocharis

Chief Client Officer

James Pereira-Stubbs

Commercial Director

Simon Jackson

Business Development Manager

Thomas Mitchell

Head Australia & New Zealand

Bianca Kent

Customer Service Manager

Olga Pascaru

Consultant: Switzerland

Torben Emmerling

Head of Product

Dr. Alex Chase

Content Creator

Paul Davies

Technical Director

Daniel Conaghan


Johan Mouritsen


Marius Kaikaris


Harry Carron

QA Tester

Olu Tifase


Walker Wong