Consultancy and bespoke research solutions

The Oxford Risk approach leverages world-class academic credentials and decades of industry experience. We improve commercial outcomes by guiding people to the best possible decisions.

Oxford Risk offers specialised consulting services at the intersection of behavioural science and quantitative finance. Our unique blend of deep financial services expertise and the latest academic insights into how people make decisions and react emotionally to that process can add valuable insight to many areas of financial services, from retail banking to wealth management, pensions, and insurance. 

Our behavioural decision support frameworks dig deeper, based on profiling that is stable and truly reflective of the individual, yet dynamic in response to changing decision environments. 

Recent projects include:

  • Lead generation and prospecting: developing tools for a major wealth manager to provide a personalised service just moments after meeting a potential new client;

  • Impact investing: survey-based research on attitudes to social impact investing conducted on behalf of the UK government to enhance engagement market development;

  • Investing proposition design: building innovative frameworks for goal-based investing and portfolio construction.

We can also advise on how best to integrate suitability tools into your organisation. This can be as simple as helping your software development team to get the most out of integrating with our API; or as thorough as a complete diagnostic review of how your proposition, workflows, and systems could be enhanced to reflect the latest thinking in behavioural science.

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