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Behavioural Compass

A decision-support tool that delivers hyper-personalised advice.
Investors lose on average around 300bps of performance a year by making emotional/human decisions about their investments. Behavioural Compass is an ongoing decision-support tool that links investor personalities to hyper-personalised prescriptions to better understand and manage behaviour throughout the investment journey.
We combine academic insights with our behavioural-finance expertise to provide actionable investor-management prescriptions.

Our comprehensive personality profiling gives detailed guidance on how to maximise a client's emotional comfort thereby increasing their comfort with the investment journey.

Our guidance pinpoints the investments, decision-making process, communication method, and content that will resonate most with an individual investor.

And in 2020, we added a set of Responsible Investing dimensions, to help investors align their social goals with their investment ones.

What does Behavioural Compass include?

We analyse financial personality on over a dozen dimensions, including:


An investor's propensity to act quickly and on emotional instinct when making decisions about investments and – often more importantly – spending.

Financial Comfort

An investor's confidence in and satisfaction with their long-term financial situation.

Impact Trade-off

Willingness to make a trade-off for social good, whether a sacrifice of financial returns, a longer-term investment, or extra risk taken on.

Desire for Guidance

The extent to which an investor wants to be included in financial decision-making and the management of their portfolio.

Comparison Tendency

An investor's propensity for judging their performance relative to external benchmarks or others' performance, as opposed to whether their portfolio has gone up or down.

Familiarity Preference

An investor's preference for solutions and investments that feel familiar and known, or their need for a strong narrative to be comfortable with investing.

Why Behavioural Compass?

Fast-track client engagement

Traditional ‘risk profiling’ approaches are a box-ticking burden, not a means of driving engagement by garnering insights about what makes clients tick. They may manage risk, but it’s not the investor’s.

And they stop too soon. Investing doesn’t turn off people’s emotions, it amplifies them. Managing the journey is just as important as heading off in the right direction.

Adviser dashboard

Discover how your clients’ personalities compare to those of everyone who’s taken our assessment.

Understand what makes each client stands out from the crowd and how to tailor your recommendations accordingly.

Our dashboard filters make it easy to deliver bespoke communications at scale.

A new standard in suitability

By seeing suitability as a relationship between investor and investments, we move beyond a narrow view of what it means to own a good investment portfolio, to a wider view of what it means to be a good investor.