Digital Compass

Create an end–end digital suitability journey by integrating Investor Compass into your advice systems
Screenshot of suitability compass tool.

Our digital investor compass solution can be tailored to your advice process, include the modules that you require to create a bespoke client journey using our APIs.

When building a fully digital or hybrid advice journey it is important to ensure that all steps within the process are compliant and guide the investor to select the investment solution that best suits their goals, financial circumstances and risk & behavioural profile. This creates happier and longer-term loyal clients. Integrating Oxford Risk’s solutions into your advice journey provides peace of mind due to the robust research used to create our methodology and continue to improve our solutions.

A complete, digital solution

Prospecting & MI

  • Profiling driven to help prospects learn about themselves/investing​
    • What type of investor am I?​
    • What investing style works best for me?​
    • Call to action: why move out of cash?​
  • Extensive data and MI for behavioural client segmentation and targeted sales

Client Engagement

  • Proprietary database of hundreds of behavioural prescriptions: actions, nudges, prompts,and interventions​
  • Each prescription scored for relevance to personality dimensions, specific use cases, and investor characteristics
  • Algorithm presents each client the prescriptions most relevant to their unique situation


  • Use our extended risk capacity for more advanced fact finding – wealth, goals, etc​.
  • Identify clients who are receptive to advice and move them towards your fully advised channel
  • Develop nudges triggered by life events which are customised according to investor financial personality

End-to-End Suitability Solution

A scientifically and behaviourally validated means of understanding of what investments are suitable for investors.

  • An advanced algorithm for establishing risk tolerance and capacity
  • A robust methodology for mapping investor risk profiles to appropriate investment risk levels
  • Automatic updates along the investment journey

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