Gillan Williams

Oxford Risk moves to London


Gillan Williams


25th January 2018

Oxford Risk is establishing a new office in Southwark, London.

In February Oxford Risk is relocating to a new office in central London, one of the major global hubs for financial services. As an established thought leader in behavioural finance, this increased proximity to clients will facilitate the ongoing expansion of the business into a leading provider of risk profiling, suitability, and decision support solutions.

Oxford Risk’s clients comprise many of the world’s leading wealth management, asset management and fintech companies, many of whom keep offices in the City, West End, or Canary Wharf. The new location will also offer closer contact with European & global financial services firms opening up new collaboration and business opportunities.

Nevertheless, the company will retain its strong connection with the University of Oxford and its academic network spanning behavioural science and finance. Oxford Risk’s research department will continue to collaborate actively with the University.


Professor Lord John Krebs, Chairman of the Board at Oxford Risk said:

“Oxford Risk is moving to London as part of its expansion plan and in order to be closer to many of its clients.  The company will continue to maintain its strong links with The University of Oxford and to benefit from the latest scientific findings in behavioural science, economics and mathematical finance.”


Greg B Davies PhD, Head of Behavioural Science at Oxford Risk said:

Oxford Risk being in London will allow us to stay close to the needs of our clients and the industry. From a personal perspective, having this London presence, combined with my Associate Fellowship of Oxford’s Saïd Business School will allow our research team to tap into the best of both industry and academia in developing our products and insight.


Oxford Risk would like to reassure all clients that there will be no service disruption.


If you would like to discuss the office move, please contact us.


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