Episode 2 - Suitability

Notes, links and extra information to supplement episode 2 of the Oxford Risk podcast.

During this episode, Gillan Williams and Andre Correia delve deeper into the process of investor risk profiling and focus on suitability. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the concept of suitability and how it affects the investment options offered to investors. There is still some lack of clarity regarding how the assessment works and its relevance, Gillan and Andre shed some light on this vital element of investor risk profiling and how it helps advisors offer the most suitable investments that account for their personal preferences and opinions.

Questions covered:

  • What is suitability?
  • Isn’t this a standard element of investment risk profiling?
  • Why has the concept of suitability become more prevalent?
  • What has the market response been to this?


Useful links to help understand suitability as part of an investor risk profiling process