Episode 3 - Risk capacity and Brexit

Notes, links and extra information to supplement episode 3 of the Oxford Risk podcast.

The third episode of the Oxford Risk Podcast. In the first segment Gillan Williams and Andre Correia discuss Investor Risk Capacity and how it helps advisors understand more about their investors during the risk assessment. During the second segment, Dr Alex Chase explains the results of his study on UK voters and their shift in attitude towards large purchases after the Brexit vote and how that might affect investment decisions.



What is Risk Capacity?


Risk Capacity refers to the process we have devised that aids a advisor in establishing the investor's capacity for potentially losing an investment, and what level of investment might be most suitable.


Study into the setiment of investors after the 'Brexit' vote


Dr Alex Chase discusses the findings from his study into whether investors have changed their sentiment towards large purchases after the vote to leave the EU. This may have significant impact on the demand for investment advice in the coming months.


Here you can see the chart we referred to during the discussion:

Brexit change in purchase preferences

Click here to access the British Election Study

Click here to access the Wealth and Assets Survey from the Office of National Statistics.