Episode 5 - Update to Oxford Risk Rating Online

Update to the Oxford Risk Rating online platform

Gillan Williams, Andre Correia and Dr. Casey Chen discuss the new developments in investor risk profiling and the measures taken to improve the Oxford Risk Rating Online platform. The Oxford Risk Rating Online platform (ORRO) offers industry leading investor risk profiling but at some point, all systems should be updated. Considering new developments in risk profiling and accounting for data gaps discovered by academics, we have updated the ORRO to take these adjustments into account.

The system can be calibrated to account for specific demographic biases, providing greater reliability and improved suitability reports.

If you are an existing client or are interested in how ORRO can help you provide the most appropriate investment advice to your customers, we strongly suggest you call Nick Charnley on +44 (0) 20 2931 2801 to discuss your specific requirements.

You can also read more here: https://www.oxfordrisk.com/our-insights/improved-risk-tolerance-assessments-to-be-launched-soon