Episode 6 - 2016 reviewed & focus on 2017

Review of changes in investor preferences in 2016, Brexit, whether investor preferences change and what's to come in 2017.

Andre Correia and Gillan Williams take an overview of 2016, a year full of change and how these changes have affected investor risk preferences.  The Brexit vote has huge implications but how have investors responded according to how much risk they are now willing to take?

We have seen a general increase in appetite for risk since 2011 but this could be set to change as the effects of the vote take hold and investors consider the implications.

We also tackle the notion that investor preferences do not change over time. Does this opinion actually match up to academic research?

We also take a look ahead to 2017 and what we expect will happen in regard to investor preferences in the wake of the possible trigger of Article 50 and the Trump presidency.


Questions asked:

  • The changes in investor preferences over 2016
  • How did the Brexit vote affect investor sentiment?
  • How has the financial services industry taken the changing nature of preferences into account?
  • There are some opinions in the market stating that investor preferences are static and do not change over time. How accurate is this, what does the evidence suggest? 
  • What is the outlook for 2017?