The World's first dynamic
risk capacity engine
and total suitability


Compass is a digital end-to-end suitability solution that enables your business to reliably match investors to investment solutions, and to guide clients in their investment journey. The Oxford Risk tools can easily be integrated into existing adviser systems and data feeds, removing the need to re-enter data whilst reducing human error. The Oxford Risk dynamic risk capacity tool can even replace existing fact-find processes, driving greater business efficiency and profits, and increasing data accuracy. All leading to more appropriate recommendations and a higher suitability standard.

Business efficiency

  • Digital client profiling, and streamlined suitability and fact find.

  • One process from accumulation to decumulation.

  • Works for simplified and full advice.

Service quality

  • Accurate risk profile combining risk tolerance and dynamic risk capacity.

  • Consistent advice, no need for subjective adjustments.

  • Insight into client preferences from ten other financial personality traits.

Compliance risk

  • Comprehensive audit trail.

  • Comprehensive risk tolerance and capacity for full MiFID II.

  • Robust quant methodology linking behavioural insight with investment solutions.

The world's first dynamic
risk capacity engine and
total suitability solution

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Portfolio Bespoke Mapping Service

You may be happy with your risk-profiling and investment processes, but how can you trust the two are being suitably and objectively combined for the best investor outcome

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