The only dynamic suitability tool that adjusts to changing circumstances

Based on over a decade of scientific research combined with practical, real-world insight into risk profiling and client engagement.


Clear benefits

  • Client profiling: Digital assessment & fact find > quick & dynamic
  • Dynamic suitability: Robust & automatic > +30% adviser efficiency
  • Client engagement: Personalised insight > +20% higher retention, referrals & AUM


Compass combines: people’s willingness to take risk (risk tolerance), with their changing ability to take risk (dynamic risk capacity), informed by their behaviours (emotional comfort), and knowledge and experience formed over time.

At Oxford Risk, we describe this powerful combination of components as the DNA of Suitability. It's the first time a suitability process has been linked, through leading technology, and assessed in this way.

Until now financial advisers, planners, wealth managers, product providers, and investors have had to stitch together a variety of solutions combined with subjective technique in an effort to manage suitability and client insight.

Apart from the obvious costs and process inefficiencies, bolting on different suitability components from third-party tools can result in a disjointed suitability process that leads to poor customer outcomes and exposes firms to significant reputational damage.

Compass sets a new best-practice benchmark in suitability assessment.


It's never too late to get suitability right

We can:

  • help you embed a robust, evidence-based risk and suitability process into your business;
  • assess and recommend improvements to your existing suitability process;
  • map your fund solutions to suitable risk profiles; and
  • guide you if you've just started thinking about risk and suitability in the context of developing an investment proposition.


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