Behavioural Finance.

Unique behavioural finance software for Financial Institutions, Wealth Managers, and Digital Advisers. We provide the most robust assessment of an Investor's Risk, ESG preferences and Financial Personality. Help your investors make the best financial decisions over their lifetimes.


Investor Suitability Software

Ensure your clients make the best possible financial decisions throughout their lifetime.

Wealth managers and financial planners can go beyond risk profiling and gain valuable insight about their clients’ personality, values and circumstances, and match them to suitable investment products.

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Behavioural Engagement Technology

Turbocharge your organic AUM growth by 10%+ using behavioural finance.

Banks, financial institutions, and D2C propositions can turn existing client data into actionable insights that drive 2-6x more engagement with personalised interventions.

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Risk Mapping and Rating

Robust and consistent measurements of risk and return for funds.

Asset managers and product providers get whole-of-market exposure, helping clients get matched to the most suitable investments that they will stick with for the long term.

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Retirement Income Suitability

Find the right balance between investment drawdown and guaranteed income for every client.

Financial planners and pension providers can guide clients to better outcomes in retirement by delivering truly personal recommendations for their pensions.

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What is Behavioural Finance?

Investors are not rational and on average lose 300bps per year due to emotional decision making.

Our behavioural profiling tool equips advisers with the deepest possible insight into an investor’s financial personality. Accurate assessments allow advisers to guide investors to maximise anxiety adjusted returns and give an investor the emotional comfort they need to stay successfully invested.

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Latest resource

The Ultimate Guide to Applying Behavioural Finance in Financial Advice

Behavioural finance addresses the imbalance in attention between what financial advice is for and whom it is for. To apply behavioural finance effectively requires understanding how investors own investments, not merely what they own. Done well, this can lead to comfortable and confident investors, and better financial outcomes.

The Ultimate Guide to Applying Behavioural Finance in Financial Advice