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Screenshot of suitability compass tool.
  • Enhanced client insights and engagement through a deeper understanding of what makes clients tick
  • Reduced demand on adviser time with automatic processes built in to existing systems.
  • Greater consistency of advice thanks to our robust, reliable, and repeatable methodology.
  • Fully evidenced compliance and digital audit trail.
  • Future-proofing against changing regulatory requirements from our pioneering blend of quantitative and behavioural science.

Investor Compass

Investor Compass is the only solution for adviser firms and wealth managers that offers the most robust assessment of a client’s risk appetite, sustainability preferences (MiFID compliant), and financial personality.

Digital and Hybrid Wealth

Easily scale up and digitally transform your client advice journeys into personalised experiences with Oxford Risk’s APIs and Digital and Hybrid Wealth solutions.

Risk Mapping

Oxford Risk can risk rate any fund or portfolio based on the underlying asset allocations. Advisers and wealth managers then use our unique risk suitability tools with investors to accurately map client risk, alongside their emotional capacity, to these suitable investment solutions.

Consultancy, research, and speaking appointments

Founded in 2002 by leading decision science academics from Oxford University, Oxford Risk delivers first-class empirical research and consultative projects to global financial services firms.