Investor Compass

A complete suitability assessment of your client's financial risk appetite, ESG preferences, and financial personality.

Investor Compass is an end-to-end risk profiling and suitability solution – built on advanced behavioural finance. A comprehensive financial profiling process is crucial in revealing an investor’s willingness and ability – both financial and emotional – to take risk, and to calmly take control of their finances. This goes far beyond risk tolerance and onboarding, we want to help you provide the lifetime of guidance that investors need.

Our unique behavioural finance technology supports vulnerable investors, evaluates goal affordability, and accounts for sequencing and drawdown risks. The Investor Compass solution also includes a comprehensive ESG investment assessment that engages clients on their preferences, enabling deeper conversations with investors along with the ability to better match them to responsible or sustainable investment solutions.


End-to-end risk suitability solution

A scientifically and behaviourally validated means of understanding what investments are suitable for investors.

  • An advanced algorithm for establishing risk tolerance and capacity
  • Additional Knowledge & Experience assessment
  • Additional Risk Capacity calculation
  • Between two and ten minutes to complete
  • A robust methodology for mapping investor risk profiles to appropriate investment risk levels
  • Visualise client investments with Portfolio Risk Calculator

Financial personality assessments

A psychometric Risk Tolerance questionnaire that’s thoroughly tested for reliability and validity allowing you to steer your clients over their investing lifetimes for the best results.

  • Stable measurement of willingness to take investment risk
  • Includes key aspects of emotional ability to take investment risk and an investors emotional resilience through the investing journey

Client ESG investment preferences

Understand client attitudes to ESG on five dimensions in a regulatory compliant way for greater engagement.

  • Assess investors interest in sustainable investing​
  • Understand which aspects of E, S and G matter the most​ to clients
  • Dig deep into an investor’s granular sustainable preferences
  • Better ESG conversations enabling client matching to sustainable investments



Investor Compass is available in three different pricing plans

Please select a plan below to see the pricing.


1–9 advisers


10–99 advisers


100+ advisers

Responsible and Sustainable Investing

Get ready for ESG regulation and meet investor demand

Our ESG profiling tool assesses investors' preferences to responsible investing – backed by rigorous research and testing.

Understand which aspects of Ethical, Social, and Governance matter the most to your clients. Utilise the insights gained to have better ESG conversations and match your clients to suitable and sustainable investments.

Our easy-to-understand questionnaire takes 2 minutes to complete and is based on the psychometric methodology – the most robust and accurate approach.

Portfolio Risk Calculator

Computer screen showing dashboards with charts from the Investor Compass solution

Instantly visualise, review, and evaluate client investment portfolios based on a given risk level

An innovative component of the Investor Compass solution, Portfolio Risk Calculator quickly and easily displays current asset allocations and projections for a portfolio within the established risk parameters. Review and evaluate risk levels and projections by amending asset allocations in the client’s portfolio to clearly evidence your suitability process.

FCA Consumer Duty (PS22/9)

Meet FCA Consumer Duty in a client-friendly way straight out of the box

Measure Risk Tolerance quickly, using the most robust psychometric questionnaire. Meet Consumer Duty rules and know how investors will feel and behave at every stage of the investment journey by using our additional behavioural traits.

Effortlessly assess Knowledge & Experience (K&E) and identify potential areas of vulnerability.

Check investing is affordable based on the client's financial circumstances and establish the right level of risk to take based on the client's needs, objectives, and characteristics. Match investors to investments based on their emotional and financial personality whilst demonstrating and evidencing that you're delivering good investor outcomes.


Oxford Risk’s Investor Compass solution integrates with most popular back-office systems, and we have a roadmap for further future integrations.


Interested in building an integration?

We have a full suite of open APIs which allow 3rd party providers to integrate with our solutions. For further information please review our API documentation or contact us to discuss further.

Some of our clients using Investor Compass

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