European Fintech ESG Summit

June 27, 2022


Globally recognised expert in applied decision science, behavioural finance, and financial wellbeing, as well as a specialist in both the theory and practice of risk profiling. He started the banking world’s first behavioural finance team as Head of Behavioural-Quant Finance at Barclays, which he built and led for a decade from 2006.

Sustainable Suitability: What do investors actually want?

Connecting investor preferences to investment solutions.

Tuesday 14th June 2022 saw the inaugural European Fintech ESG Summit held in London. Attended in person by more than 350 delegates and a further 100 online, this event was one of the biggest gatherings of forward-thinking financial services firms and pioneering technology suppliers under one roof.

Presenting a morning keynote at the event was Oxford Risk’s Head of Behavioural Finance, Greg Davies PhD, whose presentation highlighted the importance of assessing client suitability in combination with investor appetite for sustainability. Calling out a number of recent high-profile cases, Greg demonstrated how existing client demand for ESG and sustainable investing can be met with appropriate investment vehicles, calling on the industry to grasp and fulfil this opportunity. Watch Greg’s keynote presentation in full now.

Throughout the event, key themes around compliance and regulation were discussed by panels, presentations, and delegates, with MiFID II European regulation being one of the most prolific topics. MiFID II specifically looks at the ‘sustainability preferences’ of a client or potential client, identifying whether and, if so, to what extent, one or more sustainable instruments should be integrated into a client's investments. You can find out more about MiFID regulation in our wealth manager’s guide, ESG: The Compelling & The Compliant.

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