Investor Compass

A complete assessment of your client's financial and emotional situation.
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Investor Compass is an end-to-end risk profiling and suitability solution – built on advanced behavioural finance.

A comprehensive financial profiling process is crucial in revealing an investor’s willingness and ability – both financial and emotional – to take risk, and to calmly take control of their finances. This goes far beyond risk tolerance.

Our approach supports vulnerable investors, evaluates goal affordability, and accounts for sequencing and drawdown risks.

1–9 advisers


10–99 advisers


100+ advisers


Investor Compass Pro

Everything you need to advise your clients

Financial Personality

A psychometric Risk Tolerance questionnaire that’s thoroughly tested for reliability and validity.

  • Stable measurement of willingness to take investment risk
  • Includes key aspects of emotional ability to take investment risk
  • Two minutes to complete

Financial Circumstances

A Risk Capacity calculation that’s as dynamic as the investor circumstances it’s designed to deal with.

  • Built-for-purpose calculation of financial ability to take investment risk
  • Dynamic accounting for cash flows, goals, and time horizons
  • Two to ten minutes to complete

Knowledge and Experience

An investor-friendly assessment that focuses on understanding of concepts, not mere exposure to products.

  • Includes vulnerability assessment
  • One minute to complete
  • Principles-based assessment of relevant investment education, history, and behavioural tendencies

End-to-End Suitability Solution

A scientifically and behaviourally validated means of understanding of what investments are suitable for investors.

  • An advanced algorithm for establishing risk tolerance and capacity
  • A robust methodology for mapping investor risk profiles to appropriate investment risk levels
  • Automatic updates along the investment journey

Responsible Investing

Understand attitudes to ESG on five dimensions. Learn more...

  • Assess investors interest in responsible investing​
  • Each has implications of what to do differently for that investor
  • Understand which aspects of E, S and G matter the most​
  • Better ESG conversations and match clients to sustainable investments​

Investor Compass Business

Everything in Investor Compass Pro, plus our most advanced assessments

Advanced Financial Personality Investing

  • 15 behavioural dimensions illuminate a full financial personality
  • Which personality dimensions are most useful depends on your proposition
  • We work with you to determine the most effective modular set of personality dimensions to measure

Enhanced Responsible Investing

  • Assess which aspects of E, S and G matter most
  • Elicits preferences of each investor over the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals compared to data from thousands of investors
  • Enables hyper-personalisation of portfolio construction, product selection, sales narratives, and impact reporting
  • Investor insights can inform product design

Investor Compass Enterprise

Everything in Investor Compass Business, plus advanced customisation for your organisation

Enhanced Customisation

  • Customise the wording within the tool
  • Choose where the data centre is located
  • MIS/Compliance dashboard which provides insights

Bespoke Behavioural Nudges

  • Hundreds of behavioural prescriptions; actions, nudges and interventions collated over 15 years of practical experience and research
  • Each prescription scored for its relevance to personality dimensions, use cases and investor characteristics
  • Each unique financial personality gets individually selected prescriptions

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