Responsible Investing

Get ready for new ESG regulation and meet investor demand.

Our ESG profiling tool assesses investors' preferences to responsible investing – backed by rigorous research and testing.

Understand which aspects of Ethical, Social and Governance matter the most to your clients. Utilise the insights gained to have better ESG conversations and match your clients to suitable sustainable investments.

Available as a standalone module or within our flagship Investor Compass tool. Our easy to understand questionnaire takes 2 minutes to complete and is based on the psychometric methodology – the most robust and accurate approach.

Understand your clients attitudes across 5 dimensions

Impact Desire

How much investor would like to align their portfolio to sustainability and social goals.

Impact Trade-off

Willingness to exchange reduced liquidity, extra risk, or reduced returns for impact.

Charity Orientation

Belief that donations are more effective than sustainable investing.

Need for Evidence

How much an investor requires convincing to engage with responsible investing.

Impact Apprehension

Apprehension about sustainable investing, e.g. it is to complex or too new.

Our responsible investing module is also included within our full profiling solution – Investor Compass.

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