The most robust and reliable solution to link investors with suitable investments.

We use our advanced quant risk model to determine the long term risk of any fund or portfolio, providing a robust and reliable solution for mapping investors' risk profiles to suitable investments.

Mapping is the means of bringing together investors and investments to produce suitable outcomes, by determining the right level of investment risk for a given investor’s risk profile.

This is not necessarily as simple as it sounds! A risk profile is a relative measure: how an investor compares to others in terms of their risk tolerance and their risk capacity. The risk level of a portfolio, however, is an absolute measure: the level of risk associated with a specific portfolio.

The Oxford Risk approach is unique for applying a robust academic methodology to the mapping question, and producing a dynamic process that fully accounts for changes in investor circumstances and market parameters.

Our suitability tools are used broadly by wealth managers and independent financial advisors. Using the Oxford Risk investment mapping provides fund and asset managers with a simple way of helping advisors to match their funds to client needs.

Why Map with Oxford Risk?

Enhanced Visibility

We help investment managers and platforms promote solutions to the investors for whom they’re suitable.

We independently assess the risk levels of portfolio and fund solutions to enhance their visibility and usability for potential investors.

Built For Purpose

A trustworthy mapping methodology requires a scientific assessment of investors and investments and a reliable means of combining the two.

Our methodology puts investor risk and investment risk in the same language, so they speak to, not past each other, to ensure end-to-end consistency of your suitability processes.

Let's discuss how investment mapping can grow your business.