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We are for long-term thinkers and innovators who move forward, making – simply – better decisions.
Screenshot of suitability compass tool.
  • Enhanced client insights and engagement through a deeper understanding of what makes clients tick
  • Reduced demand on adviser time with automatic processes built in to existing systems.
  • Greater consistency of advice thanks to our robust, reliable, and repeatable methodology.
  • Fully evidenced compliance and digital audit trail.
  • Future-proofing against changing regulatory requirements from our pioneering blend of quantitative and behavioural science.
  • Increased investor comfort and confidence with hyper-personalised recommendations, messaging, and presentation.

Investor Compass

Screenshot of suitability compass tool.

Investor Compass reveals the right level of risk for an investor to take today, using a unique combination of behavioural and quantitative finance.

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Behavioural Compass

Behavioural compass tool screenshot

Our Behavioural Compass helps advisers deliver hyper-personalised advice, to increase investor comfort and confidence along their investment journey.

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Risk mapping

Our advanced quant risk model provides a robust and reliable solution for mapping investors' risk profiles to suitable investments.

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Expert Consulting

We have applied our behavioural-science and quantitative-finance expertise to various consulting projects, including proposition design, fund construction, and risk-model validation.

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