Test Environment Terms

March 12, 2024

These terms supplement the Oxford Risk service terms at (Service Terms)  and the Service Terms are incorporated by reference except as explicitly amended below. Terms defined in the Service Terms shall have the same meaning here. For the purposes of these terms ‘Customer’ includes the entity using the test environment.

1. Oxford Risk will make the test environment available to the Customer for a period of 6 months from the date first made available. The Customer may request to extend that term by a request in writing not less than 30 days prior to the end of the above period. Oxford Risk may agree to extend access to the test environment for a limited period at its discretion.

2. The test environment is made available for the purpose of assessing the Oxford Risk service, connectivity via API or other agreed method or any developed integrations.

3. The Customer will agree to any permitted use parameters set out in writing by Oxford Risk prior to the Customer’s use of the test environment.

4. The Customer will not use the test environment to run live risk assessments on behalf of any client without Oxford Risk’s prior written agreement.

5. The Customer will be fully responsible for its use of the test environment, the data it inputs, the use of any results and its assessment of the Oxford Risk Services. The indemnities set out in 8.2 of the Service Terms will apply to the Customer’s use of the test environment.

6. Oxford Risk may terminate the Customer's access to the test environment:

   a. At any time on 14 day’s written notice; or

    a. Immediately on written notice if the Customer breaches these terms or the Service Term or makes use of the test environment outside the permitted parameters;